Workplace Interventions for Stress Endurance (WISE)

What is WISE: This is a product for building stress endurance among employees and organization through a holistic approach comprising of Awareness, Assessment Coaching and Counseling. Awareness and Assessments will help in identifying the pain points across 3 broad categories viz. Physical, Psychological and Behavioral aspects, these are further classified in 7 domains and appropriate techniques are applied through coaching and counseling sessions.

Salient features of WISE:

- Holistic and Scientific
- Designed and developed by experts from the field of Psychology and corporate HR.
- Well researched over years and evolved continually.
- Customised interventions based on assessments.
- Covers all aspects of Stress.

Returns on Investment
- Increase in performance and productivity
- Reduce in attritions
- Caring and employee friendly organization

- Data will be collected and maintained confidentially.
- All the reports and findings will be presented at a group level.
- Individual reports will be sent to their email ids.

- You may choose some of the service or complete pack. Viz. Awareness Assessment only, etc.
- You may plan to offer to few individuals, a division or complete organisation.
- You may decide to take Online or face to face sessions.
- Counseling in local language.

Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a demo or customized quote.

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