Learning Improvement Foundation Techniques (LIFT)


Learning problems of a student can result from lack of awareness of fundamental concepts of effective learning. Awareness helps the school to recognize that learning issue is not a mere student’s problem. It also concerns teachers and parents.. It helps the school to address learning related problems..


BESPOKE training programme could also be for one full-day based on focused objectives, student specific requirements of the client school. Basically, it covers motivation, goal setting, self-concept, conflict resolution, study skills and memory etc.


Face to Face counseling

SML has the largest, qualified, licensed and multi-disciplined counseling experts in the country with nationwide presence. Subject experts conduct the psychometric tests like personality, behavioural assessments and provide counseling services for Parents & Children, Students and Adolescents.

Online Student Counseling

Online Counseling (tele/video) aims to enhance effective learning of a normal student. It is a Student Assistance Programme that helps them to make use of the SML Professional support in addressing their learning problems. Parents could readily avail this service from their home

IQ Gen

Nutraceuticals to support in enabling Learning abilities in Students
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EQ Gen

Nutraceuticals to Support in handling stress-related conditions in Adults
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You can search by location, provider type,  or specialty.Find a SMP
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Is STRESSTUNE™ effective?

Yes! Here's what the experts have to say about online Stress Counselling
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