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ranu khanna

Dr. Renu Khanna

Global Head - Leadership Development

Tech Mahindra


 ram hetero

Ramchandradu Jaladurgam

L&D Head

Hetero Labs Limited





Here is what our Users say about us

"What do I like best about STRESSTUNE™? Convenience, convenience, convenience."

"STRESSTUNE™ has really enhanced the therapeutic experience for my clients, who enjoy the convenience and how easy it is to use. I like knowing the sessions are confidential and leave no trace once the client and I have logged out."

"STRESSTUNE™ has allowed me, as a clinician to assist individuals all around the state who would otherwise have a more difficult time getting help for a variety of reasons. The customer service has been consistently and genuinely helpful and respectful to both myself and my clients. Whenever there is a technical problem with the site the STRESSTUNE™ staff handles it immediately. I have come to rely on their professionalism."

"STRESSTUNE™'s service allows me to have sessions despite weather, illness or distance. It is exciting to be able to provide video counseling in a rural area to clients who otherwise would not be able to have sessions."

"STRESSTUNE™ makes it convenient to schedule sessions for my clients who are not within driving distance. Their (STRESSTUNE™'s) website is very user friendly and customer support always helpful."